New York Worker Center Federation

The New York Worker Center Federation is an autonomous multiracial movement of workers and immigrants organizing across sectors and issues to build the power of the people whose labor fuels this city. Through Freedom Cities, the WCF aims to center directly impacted communities in the fight against the Trump administration, leading the movement to create safe communities where everyone can thrive. Join the #FreedomCities Movement!

The New York Workers Center Federation (WCF) began with a series of training sessions where the stories of individual workers and organizations began to tell the narrative of a powerful emerging movement. During the second training, workers voted to create a space for leadership development and joint campaign work. On October 14, 2014 marked the official founding of the New York Workers Center Federation.

The WCF consists of Street Vendor Project, El Centro del Inmigrante, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, Cidadao Global, Laundry Workers Center, DRUM, ROC NY, New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Retail Action Project, and Enlace.

Building the Freedom Cities Movement featuring Sohel Mahmud

#freedomcities sohelSohel is a 2016-2017 Delfino Leadership Institute member and DRUM member-leader.

Back in January, worker leaders from the WCF launched the Freedom Cities Movement with the vision of transforming New York into a city that truly provides our communities with both safety and freedom. Their vision of a Freedom City includes worker rights for all, an end to criminalization of people of color and immigrants, investments in people and the planet, divestment from the military and mass incarceration, and gender justice. Freedom Cities centers on redefining safety in the workplace, the streets, and their homes; and it lifts up a divest/invest framework that demands for reparations and investment in our communities. On Saturday February 18th, worker leaders in the Delfino Leadership Institute met again as part of the 2016-2017 cohort in order to strategize and advance the FC Movement.

In any movement, base building is key, which is why it is a central piece of Enlace’s IOA — Integrated Organizing Approach. As movement-leaders, the cohort participants came to the conclusion that in order to bring the vision of Freedom Cities into reality, they would need to be building the base. As Delfino participant and DRUM member-leader, Sohel says, “If there are no people, there is no movement.” At the training, workers learned one of Enlace’s IOA frameworks called the RAP. Participants developed and practiced a rap they would use to bring people into in the movement. In addition, they also developed a strategy outlining the next steps with the people they recruit. According to Sohel:

As leaders in NYC, we need to have the knowledge of how to plan, how to strategize, how to bring people together. It’s essential for our movement. We learned something special at Delfino; how to make our movement strong. Our confidence is growing, which is especially important when you are fighting an invisible monster. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, so we need to be confident in our abilities. Our insides need to be strong; this training gave us confidence in our abilities to lead.

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We Strike, Rally & March for Our Full Liberation

march8strikeGirls & womxn make the world turn.
We are the backbone of society.
On march 8th, we’ll exercise our sisterhood & power.

MARCH 8, 2017 | 4PM – 8PM
rally & march @ Washington Square Park

As part of Intertional Women’s Day Strike (, join DRUM and our Hate Free Zone partner organizations for A Day Without a Woman.
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NYTWA Statement on Muslim Ban 2.0

Muslim Ban 2.0 is no less cruel, bigoted, or unconstitutional than the first one. Once again the administration is lashing out at immigrants and refugees who are simply seeking safety and a better life here in the United States. There is a reason this President signed the executive order in the dark, without his usual glitz and fanfare.

This ban will have the same impact as the first -scapegoating immigrants, Muslims, and people of color, and raising the tide of hate that is already threatening to overwhelm our nation.

Empire of exploitation: A car-on-demand race to the bottom

india-uber.jpgVia New York Daily News | By Bhairavi Desai

Last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was caught on video berating one of the company’s drivers who said fare cuts had caused him financial devastation. The driver, Fawzi Kamel, told Kalanick he was $97,000 in debt after purchasing a luxury car necessary to drive for Uber — and unable to make ends meet as Uber slashed fares and flooded the streets with vehicles.

We hear stories like this from Uber drivers every day, of chaotic and shifting rules of the road that leave drivers in the dust.

Drivers buy expensive SUVs only to be downgraded to the low-end UberX fares. UberX fares started at $3 per mile but were cut to $1.75 per mile.

In January, after changing its prices multiple times, Uber introduced flat fares that often leave the driver with a lower share of the fare paid. The same month, New York City Uber Black drivers — those who drive on the higher-end, better-paying part of the platform — were forced to meet a 4.75 rating, 90% or higher acceptance rate and 10% or lower cancellation rate requirement or be downgraded to those poverty rates.

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Rally at Gov Cuomo’s office to Save Our Full Time Jobs

March9 NYTWA.jpg

Stand Up and Fight Against special law to let Uber, Lyft and other App-based companies dispatch jobs to private drivers with personal cars.

Stand Up to Stop $4 Airport Access Fee the Port Authority Wants to Charge All Taxis & FHVs on Every Drop-off and Every Pick-up!
The Governor controls the TNC bill and the Port Authority vote!

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Kensington Immigrant Defense Training

bk-hfzFeeling nervous about the recent Immigration Enforcement order from the Trump Administration?

Join Hate Free Zone Kensington for a immigrant defense training and learn what you need to do to protect yourself and your neighbor’s from an I.C.E. Raid.

Sunday, March 5 at 6:00 – 8:00 PM 
480 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn

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