New York Worker Center Federation

The New York Worker Center Federation is an autonomous multiracial movement of workers and immigrants organizing across sectors and issues to build the power of the people whose labor fuels this city. Through Freedom Cities, the WCF aims to center directly impacted communities in the fight against the Trump administration, leading the movement to create safe communities where everyone can thrive. Join the #FreedomCities Movement!

The New York Workers Center Federation (WCF) began with a year long series of training sessions for worker leaders to build the capacity of worker centers. During the trainings the stories of individual workers and organizations began to tell the narrative of a powerful emerging movement. During the second training, worker centers saw the potential to create a space for leadership development and joint campaign work. On October 14, 2014 marked the official founding of the New York Workers Center Federation.

The WCF consists of Street Vendor Project, El Centro del Inmigrante, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, Cidadao Global, Laundry Workers Center, DRUM, ROC NY, New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Retail Action Project, and Enlace.

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#HateFreeZones: Self-Defense Training

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.55.26 PMJoin the Hate Free Zone organizations in Kensington, Brooklyn for a self defense training for women, queer and trans folks. Childcare and snacks will be available.

The Hate Free Zones is led by frontline communities facing threats of deportation, police brutality, hate crimes and other forms of interpersonal and state violence. Hate Free Zones is aimed at creating a grassroots community defense system in which we can find safety in each other. The Hate Free Zones consist of community based organizations, neighborhood businesses and faith based institutions. This training is being organized by DRUM, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Showing Up for Racial Justice and Occupy Kensington. We will be joined by guest trainers from the Center for Anti-Violence Education. RSVP on Facebook

2018 One Fair Wage Campaign Launch

37 YEARS SINCE 9 to 5: Jane Fonda on Women Workers

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm | Roosevelt House | RSVP

Join actress/activist Jane Fonda and worker rights advocate/co-founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United Saru Jayaraman for a wide-ranging discussion on workplace inequality in New York, Michigan, Washington, DC, and nationwide. ROC will be officially kicking off the 2018 One Fair Wage Campaign! RSVP now!

Protecting Immigrant Workers in the City of Immigrants

The tragic deaths and severe injuries of multiple construction workers last week, on sites with safety violations, underscore the urgency for New York City to enact legislation that protects workers.

As city council considers Intro 1447-C, NICE calls on them to ensure that immigrant workers are able to obtain adequate safety training and to develop stricter enforcement for safety protocols at constructions sites.

The health, well-being and very lives of our members, our families, our neighbors are currently at stake. Immigrant construction workers are disproportionately put at risk by irresponsible employers and this must stop.

Please join NICE tomorrow Wednesday September 27, 11am at the Broadway Entrance of City Hall Park to ensure the passage of 1447-C and demand further protections for all immigrant construction workers, who disproportionately are targeted and continuously placed at risk by irresponsible employers.  (Link to event page)

SVP March for More Permits

svpsept26Join us as we ask Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYC City Council to modernize street vending laws in the city. The number of vending permits has been frozen since the 1990s and it is time that we update the rules and make fairer vending laws. Join us as we march from City Hall over the Brooklyn Bridge and back demanding that NYC give vendors more permits. We will also have media and council members present.

on Tuesday September 26th we will meet at City Hall at 12:00 PM, and will hold a press conference with City Council Members supportive of Intro 1303. Then we will march over the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Call 646-602-5682 if you have any questions. RSVP on Facebook