New York Worker Center Federation

The New York Worker Center Federation is an autonomous multiracial movement of workers and immigrants organizing across sectors and issues to build the power of the people whose labor fuels this city. Through Freedom Cities, the WCF aims to center directly impacted communities in the fight against the Trump administration, leading the movement to create safe communities where everyone can thrive. Join the #FreedomCities Movement!

The New York Workers Center Federation (WCF) began with a year long series of training sessions for worker leaders to build the capacity of worker centers. During the trainings the stories of individual workers and organizations began to tell the narrative of a powerful emerging movement. During the second training, worker centers saw the potential to create a space for leadership development and joint campaign work. On October 14, 2014 marked the official founding of the New York Workers Center Federation.

The WCF consists of Street Vendor Project, El Centro del Inmigrante, New Immigrant Community Empowerment, Cidadao Global, Laundry Workers Center, DRUM, ROC NY, New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Retail Action Project, and Enlace.

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Restaurant workers face the worst sexual harassment of any industry – and we’ve had enough!

Today is 2/13, our Annual National Day of Action to highlight the fact that the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is still just $2.13 an hour! ROC chapters across the country are holding #NotOntheMenu rallies and actions demanding an end to sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Join one of our actions below in a ROC city near you!

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Join NYTWA at City Hall Vigil for driver suicide

Join us at a vigil for brother Douglas Schifter, a black car driver pushed to suicide by financial desperation

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Say No to Trump & The NRA’s Outright Deception! #1FW

With the President engaged in outright public deception,  join us to make our demands for One Fair Wage, AND strong tip protections – requiring employers to pay the full minimum wage with tips on top. Monday, February 5 is the last day to submit public comments on the Department of Labor’s outrageous rule to make tips the property of owners – a rule that they hid evidence about.

Join us in actions on Monday as we deliver the 300,000 comments we’ve collected in person to Department of Labor offices across the country. Details below.

Together, let’s demand as workers, employers, and consumers that workers deserve both a full wage AND the right to keep their hard-earned tips!

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One Fair Wage New York Rally!

26757023_1945854175742493_1986879844871709679_o.jpgIt’s time for NY’s 400,000 tipped workers to earn a living wage!

Join us as we rally outside the NYC office of the New York State Restaurant Association on Thursday, January 25th at 11:00 am. We need your support!

The opposition — which wants to keep hourly wages at the poverty level and keep workers who rely on tips at increased risk of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage theft — has started a scaremongering campaign, telling tipped workers the LIE that One Fair Wage means the end of tipping. This is NOT TRUE! The goal of One Fair Wage is to raise the hourly wage of tipped workers to the regular minimum wage while still getting to KEEP YOUR TIPS!

Thursday, January 25th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1001 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave between W 37th and W 38th Streets.) RSVP on Facebook

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Women Leadership pen open letter to NY Governor supporting One Fair Wage

One Fair Wage: Time to End the Subminimum Tipped Wage
and Prevent Sexual Harassment in New York’s Restaurants

We, the undersigned women, write to thank you for announcing a proposal in your 2018 State of State to review eliminating the subminimum wage for tipped workers in New York and acknowledging that the practice of tipping disproportionately affects women and people of color and is linked to higher rates of sexual harassment. We urge you to act fast to put this regulation in effect. You have the opportunity to implement the first, and one of the most significant, statewide policy changes on sexual harassment in the #MeToo Movement. We look forward to making this happen with you. There is no better time to lead than now.

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Victory for B&H Warehouse Workers!

unnamedAmazing news! After a long struggle against workplace abuse, retaliation, and union busting, the B&H workers have won their first union contract. On Saturday, December 12th, the B&H Photo Video warehouse workers at 420 9th Ave in Manhattan, along with the United Steel Workers, ratified their collective bargaining agreement. This contract brings important labor protections to fifty-five B&H workers, and a victory to everyone who worked on and supported this groundbreaking campaign.

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NICE, Manhattan DA collaborate to reclaim $90,000 in stolen wages

unnamed.jpgAfter a year working at Whisk Remodeling Corp., longtime NICE member Ariel Ortega (pictured above) asked for help reclaiming stolen wages. Sadly, we were well-acquainted with his employer, Whisk, having banned them from seeking workers at our Center, due to repeated complaints. But some of our members continued working there, hoping to get paid. Ariel was one of them.

While some employers simply refuse to pay, “Whisk actively tried to disorganize workers,” says Charlie Uruchima, NICE’s Lead Organizer for our Wage Theft Campaign. “Employees received checks that bounced, incomplete checks, checks with incorrect information. This practice kept employees working, as they assumed that one day they would get paid in full, and it ensured that employees would not know exactly how much they were owed.”

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