Worker Action: #BHexposed

lwc april9B&H Photo workers faced unconscionable working conditions in Brooklyn and Manhattan warehouses. They organized for over a year, fought and won a union against overwhelming odds.

Now B&H threatens to move almost 330 of their jobs 75 miles away to New Jersey.

Workers are calling on unions, the community, and B&H customers to stand with them and tell B&H Photo to stop running away—keep union jobs in New York!

Every Sunday from 3-5pm, B&H Photo workers will be flyering out of the retail store at 34th St. and 9th Ave. in Manhattan. Momentum is building, and we will win! VAMOS A GANAR!

Breaking: Uber CEO Kalanick subject to being deposed in federal wage theft suit

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Subject to Being Deposed in Federal Wage Theft Lawsuit
Judge denies Uber’s motion to dismiss CEO Travis Kalanick and Uber investor Bill Gurley as defendants
(New York, NY) – On Tuesday, April 4, Federal Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein for the US Southern District denied Uber’s motion to dismiss individual defendants, including Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Uber investor Bill Gurley, in a Federal Lawsuit filed by Uber drivers and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance against Uber under the Fair Labor Standard Act. The suit claims Kalanick and others misclassified Uber drivers as independent contractors to deprive them of their rights under labor law, including the right to minimum wage and overtime protections. The suit also claims Uber illegally deducted sales tax and an injured worker fund surcharge from workers’ pay.
Uber’s CEO along with Uber investor Bill Gurley will, for the first time, both be subject to giving depositions in a wage theft suit filed by Uber drivers. Several other Uber officials are also named as defendants in the suit as well as the company itself.
“We couldn’t be more proud of our members staring down their billionaire bosses in federal court,” said NYTWA Executive Director Bhairavi Desai. “We’re looking forward to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick having to face the court and be held accountable for stealing from hardworking drivers who have been pushed into poverty by his greedy and unlawful business practices.”
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Solidarity Rally: Stand with B&H Workers!

B&H Photo warehouse overcame incredible odds to organize a union and demand respect in the workplace. Now B&H is trying to move their jobs 75 miles away.

The DSA Strike Solidarity Committee asks that you come stand in solidarity with warehouse workers at B&H photo on Friday, April 7th from 12-2pm at 34th St. and 9th Ave! RSVP on Facebook

TAKE ACTION NOW: Stop Albany from passing Uber-Bought Bill in State Budget

Based on information made public, the latest deal for special Uber/Lyft & co. deregulation in New York State is farther to the right than similar legislation in most other states.  All progressive measures included in the earlier Assembly version of the bill appear to have been replaced with regressive measures like “Directing civil cases involving drivers or passengers to arbitration instead of the courts,” according to the Buffalo News – that means forced arbitration, seemingly straight out of the Trump playbook.

All we have are leaked media reports, because the deal is being rushed through by the Governor in his budget, behind closed doors, in the midnighthour. Meanwhile, there has been no public release of a financial impact study which looks at loss of tax revenue, increased enforcement and compliance costs, increased spending due to a reduction in available services such as accessible taxis, and the expected impact on public transportation usage and public subsidization.
This legislation also creates a special carve-out for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) so that they will pay a lower sales tax than taxis and other for-hire-vehicles. This is pure corporate welfare won by Uber and Lyft at the expense of tax revenue that could fund our schools, our hospitals, and our public transportation networks.

NYC Beyond The Moment Teach-In #FreedomCities

btm april

Fifty years ago Dr. King called for people to confront “the fierce urgency of now” in his important “Beyond Vietnam” speech– he asserted that this country needed to “undergo a radical revolution of values.”

Join us on April 4th for a conversation and teach-in as we go beyond moments of outrage, beyond narrow concepts of sanctuary, and address barriers between communities with so much at stake and imagine visionary #FreedomCities.

Tuesday, April 4th from 6:00-9:00PM 
25 W 18th Street, 5th Floor
This event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP HERE

We don’t deny our differences, we embrace them and build a movement bold, broad, and big enough to include our many realities. Resistance includes taking to the streets, and building a movement truly rooted in solidarity must include taking the time to deepen our understandings of how we got here and what we’re up against.

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