NYC Freedom Cities May Day + IWJ Tour 2018!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorNYC FREEDOM CITIES MAY DAY + 7th ANNUAL IWJ TOUR 2018

To endorse:

On May Day, join the Freedom Cities Movement as we carry on the legacy of the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour in our struggle for freedom and liberation!

Freedom Cities is about making entire cities, towns, and communities safe for immigrants, Black people, Muslims, Queer+Trans folks, workers, and all oppressed communities. Our liberation is inherently tied together, it’s all of us or none of us!

We all deserve to live with dignity and have the opportunity thrive without fear of physical or economic violence at the hands of the corporations, vigilantes or government.
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Join NYTWA on April 25 to fight against Wall Street greed

APRIL 25th | City Hall Action Day | 11am – 3pm
Join us at 11am at 250 Broadway as our members meet with their Council Members. And then at 2pm, we are calling on all drivers and allies for a rally on the Steps of City Hall as the Council holds its stated meeting.
Please email us if you would like to individually or organizationally endorse our campaign and make City Hall heed our urgent call for action.
Over the past four months, four professional drivers in New York City have committed suicide because of financial devastation. Wall Street greed has created an economic crisis worse than drivers have ever seen before. And it’s hurting workers across the industry. The four drivers who took their lives, Danilo Corporan Castillo and Alfredo Alvarez, livery drivers in the Bronx, Doug Schifter, a black car driver, and Nicanor Ochisor, a yellow cab owner-driver, all despaired after sinking into poverty.
The erosion of full-time income with no end in sight to the impoverishment has been crushing to drivers across the industry.  Drivers in non-App sectors are sinking deeper into poverty.  Drivers who work directly for Uber are earning poverty pay. No driver is wining this race to the bottom.

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Emergency Demonstration to Stop Financial Crisis for Drivers

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28|  1:00pm |  Steps of City Hall
Last month, a veteran black car driver, Doug Schifter, shot himself in front of City Hall after facing financial ruin. Two livery drivers killed themselves in the previous months, one of whom, Danilo Castillo, wrote his suicide note on the back of a Taxi and Limousine Commission summons.
We must stop treating the devastation of people’s lives as inevitable. Our city has the power to act. And we demand that they act now by capping the number of vehicles on our streets and by making the regulated yellow and green cab fare the minimum fare for all for-hire vehicles.
We cannot allow Uber to continue to destroy lives for a business model that hasn’t even been proven sustainable. We must come together now and demand protections for ALL drivers and for rational regulations that level the playing field.

2018 Delfino Leadership Institute Launch: Welcoming Our Newest Leaders!

dli feb group

On Saturday Feb 24th  The New York Worker Center Federation welcomed it’s 3rd cohort of worker-leaders, embarking on a four month journey of leadership development and solidarity building as part of the Delfino Leadership Institute (DLI). This year’s cohort will focus both on enhancing organizing skills while also focusing on the importance of intersectional movement building.

The DLI space is unique in that it brings together worker leaders from almost ten different worker centers, representing different industries and various communities.  The space is multicultural, multiracial, and multilingual with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, Bangla, and Nepali (The NYWCF remains committed to language justice and is actively expanding language accessibility of our trainings). With each training, participants are actively breaking down the barriers that divide our communities and building cross-cultural solidarities.

The inaugural training of 2018, began with a grounding in political education, as the cohort honored and reflected on the movements that have come before and recognizing the contributions they are making towards the future. Participants were introduced to the basics of base building and outreach, two focus areas of this year’s cohort. In order for organizations to run successful campaigns that propel our movements forward, having a strong and powerful base is key. Enlace recognizes the important role the base plays in winning campaigns, which is why it is a critical component of our Integrated Organizing Approach (IOA), the methodology we use to win campaigns and strengthen our movements.

Overall, the energy in the room was electric! With almost 30 worker-leaders present, new energies and excitement flooded into the space. Folks were courageous in sharing both personal stories as well as personal commitments they made to themselves and each other.  They expressed commitments of learning from each other and taking action together. They plan to meet both within the training space and out in the streets!

The next training will take place on March 24th.

Unity is Power!

*The Delfino Leadership Institute is dedicated to the memory of Delfino Velazquez. We will continue to honor his legacy and his family’s struggle for justice.


**The New York Worker Center Federation is a collaboration amongst leading worker centers in New York City, convened and coordinated by Enlace


Restaurant workers face the worst sexual harassment of any industry – and we’ve had enough!

Today is 2/13, our Annual National Day of Action to highlight the fact that the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is still just $2.13 an hour! ROC chapters across the country are holding #NotOntheMenu rallies and actions demanding an end to sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Join one of our actions below in a ROC city near you!

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Join NYTWA at City Hall Vigil for driver suicide

Join us at a vigil for brother Douglas Schifter, a black car driver pushed to suicide by financial desperation

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Say No to Trump & The NRA’s Outright Deception! #1FW

With the President engaged in outright public deception,  join us to make our demands for One Fair Wage, AND strong tip protections – requiring employers to pay the full minimum wage with tips on top. Monday, February 5 is the last day to submit public comments on the Department of Labor’s outrageous rule to make tips the property of owners – a rule that they hid evidence about.

Join us in actions on Monday as we deliver the 300,000 comments we’ve collected in person to Department of Labor offices across the country. Details below.

Together, let’s demand as workers, employers, and consumers that workers deserve both a full wage AND the right to keep their hard-earned tips!

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