Explanatory essay – what are its features?

An essay is quite a versatile type of text in which the author asserts their opinion on a wide variety of topics, from academic to humorous. There are many approaches to writing an essay, depending on its type. For example what should you possess to become a good worker essay, is an expository essay. On the other hand, explanatory essays are essays in which a topic is dealt with in detail to expand the reader’s knowledge. Although its writing scheme is similar to the argumentative essay, one of its main differences is the absence of bias in expressing your opinion. Nevertheless, among all the options, there is an approach to essay writing that will allow you to move forward with confidence and create a quality text.

Where to begin the essay writing process?

Regardless of the topic or type of essay, you can write a quality text by following these five practical steps:

  • Brainstorm

Based on your topic, think about and write down as many ideas as you can so you can incorporate them into your essay later.

  • Preparing

This step involves gathering sources to back up your words and forming the main structure of the essay, which we’ll spell out below. Next, highlight the best ideas for you and organize them in a connective-logical order.

  • Composing

However, the actual writing of the essay is only its first draft. After writing, take another look at your text and start working on your mistakes. A rough draft is good. It allows you not to stop and think about every word because it can be of your head. You’ll correct everything when you work on the final version

  • Review

There can be far more than one draft. When the editing process is underway, you can change many things. Please pay attention to your word choices and whether they fit the style of the essay.

  • Proofreading

This is the work on the final version of the essay. Please take note of all grammatical and lexical errors and correct them.

Structure of the essay

The essay consists of three parts, and it is essential to design each of these parts according to their purpose.

  • Introduction

Here you should highlight the general features of the topic and emphasize your main thesis statement

  • The main text paragraphs

There can be two or three paragraphs, or maybe more, at your discretion. Each section should support your thesis and provide evidence for it from credible sources.

  • Conclusion

Conclusion concludes your thesis with a logical conclusion, summarizing everything you’ve said, so it’s easy for the reader to digest everything. Do not bring any new information to an end because then the reader will be left with a feeling of incompleteness. So, writing an essay is a multi-step process that requires your attention and energy. But sometimes, students simply don’t have enough time to do all their homework. And that’s why they can turn to an online essay writing service. Our service offers customer-friendly goals and responsive customer service. In addition, our team of professionals is guaranteed to meet all your requirements on any topic.

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