New techniques for forming common traditions, or why Christmas is the best holiday essay?

In today’s world, there are many different holidays for different reasons – religious, national, historical, or any other. Some of them are common to millions of people around the world, some represent a certain national zest. But no one would deny that Christmas is the most famous holiday on the entire globe. For many people it is not just a religious tribute-it is a set of moral guidelines and a tradition of celebration.

Why is Christmas the most beloved holiday around the world?

In our era, when many socio-cultural traditions lend themselves to revision and adaptation to new realities, only Christmas retains its stability and popularity around the world. It is gradually acquiring new traditions and forms of celebration, but at the same time, it is not losing its position compared to other celebrations. If we make a poll in any country of the world, which holiday is the most favorite, the majority of the respondents would answer that it is Christmas. There are several reasons for this popularity:

  1. The idea of family unity. Traditionally, Christmas is considered the most family-friendly holiday in the world. In most countries, this is the day off, when it is a chance to get away from work problems, gather around the closest people and have fun with the family. Many families have their own, unique traditions of celebrating this day. This is why Christmas is not just a holiday; it is a whole socio-cultural system with many components.
  2. Christmas represents a whole cultural stratum. Many people associate Christmas with Christmas decorations, garlands, and certain national foods. Contemporary culture also actively supports the idea of Christmas as a beloved holiday – there is a huge number of films and songs on the subject of Christmas, which have long ago passed beyond the framework of entertainment content, and have become part of the general cultural heritage.
  3. Christmas is a symbol of the unity of people around the world. There is no denying that the idea of celebrating Christmas has its origins in religion. It has long been known that religious ideas are a powerful unifying factor for which physical borders between countries and other ethnocultural differences do not matter. It is hard to find another holiday that can unite people around the world than Christmas. You can celebrate it far away from home – you will still meet people with the same values, around whom you will not feel lonely.

No wonder Christmas is considered a favorite holiday of people around the world. But most importantly, only Christmas is able to bring us back to our childhood, give us a sense of celebration and magic in miracles. Because of this, it is loved by almost everyone without exception.

Can we call Christmas a socio-cultural phenomenon?

We mentioned that modern culture makes a lot of effort to popularize Christmas. Moreover – it is a story that has not lost its popularity for many decades to write my essay. Therefore, it is safe to say that Christmas is not just one of the many religious holidays, but a whole layer of the general world culture, which, like the holiday itself, has powerful socio-cultural connections between different groups of modern society.

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