Goodbye from the Federation

Compañeras y Compañeros,

We are writing to let you know that after 5 years, the New York Worker Center Federation is coming to a close. Together, we have accomplished so much since our inception in 2014.

What the Federation has accomplished as an independent and non-funded organization is remarkable. Thank you for helping make all of this possible. Our work proves what can be accomplished without any funding and with a commitment to operate autonomously.

Here are some of our highlights:

  • Graduated hundreds of workers through four years of the Delfino Leadership Institute Cohorts
  • Hosted multiple worker-organizer retreats where we brought dozens of workers together for intensive leadership development and movement building
  • We participated in supporting each others’ campaigns, such as:Justice for Delfino, Lift the Caps, and the B&H Campaign, One Fair Wage, and more.
  • We represented strong at annual May Day actions, including the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour and played leading roles
  • Three years of participating and leading Night Out for Safety and Liberation actions to protest police brutality and deportations

The Federation was built and sustained by incredible member leaders, volunteers, and staff from the following organizations: Street Vendor Project, DRUM, Laundry Worker Center, ROC NY, Retail Action Project, El Centro, Rhiza, NICE, NY Taxi Workers Alliance, and Enlace.

We have built strong and long lasting relationships among worker centers and grassroots organizations in NYC. And those relationships will continue to grow stronger. You will still see us marching side by side, whether it be for a campaign or for May Day. This is not a goodbye, but rather a see you soon.

Unity is Power!

New York Worker Center Federation Steering Committee

Heleadora Vivar

Policarpo Cortes

Eliana Jaramillo

Basma Eid

Cindy Martinez

Daniel Carrillo

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