Join NYTWA on April 25 to fight against Wall Street greed

APRIL 25th | City Hall Action Day | 11am – 3pm
Join us at 11am at 250 Broadway as our members meet with their Council Members. And then at 2pm, we are calling on all drivers and allies for a rally on the Steps of City Hall as the Council holds its stated meeting.
Please email us if you would like to individually or organizationally endorse our campaign and make City Hall heed our urgent call for action.
Over the past four months, four professional drivers in New York City have committed suicide because of financial devastation. Wall Street greed has created an economic crisis worse than drivers have ever seen before. And it’s hurting workers across the industry. The four drivers who took their lives, Danilo Corporan Castillo and Alfredo Alvarez, livery drivers in the Bronx, Doug Schifter, a black car driver, and Nicanor Ochisor, a yellow cab owner-driver, all despaired after sinking into poverty.
The erosion of full-time income with no end in sight to the impoverishment has been crushing to drivers across the industry.  Drivers in non-App sectors are sinking deeper into poverty.  Drivers who work directly for Uber are earning poverty pay. No driver is wining this race to the bottom.

Our members refuse to give up. We are organizing.

And because of our activism the political inaction which has led to Wall Street’s free hand over workers is beginning to shift.

The Mayor, the Governor, and the Council Speaker all now agree that it’s time to look into capping the flood of for-hire-vehicles drowning our streets.


Capping vehicles is an important first step. But it’s not enough to solve the crisis drivers are facing. We need to set a minimum fare rate in order to establish a wage floor in the industry – so no company can lower rates on drivers’ backs. We need to raise those rates so drivers have a chance at recovery after five years of straight loss. And we need to establish labor standards – such as caps on driver expenses to end predatory lending –  in this new market which has been unregulated for five years and is setting all drivers off on a race to the bottom.

As our members demonstrate and rally, we need you, our allies, to amplify our call for justice and demand urgent action!

While drivers were protesting and mourning our brothers, Albany, instead of heeding our call to reign in Wall-Street greed, passed a congestion pricing surcharge on drivers’ backs. The surcharge will add $2.50 to Yellow Cab rides and $2.75 to for-hire-vehicle rides below 96th street in Manhattan. Drivers are already facing unprecedented financial hardship — and this surcharge will add an unnecessary strain on their incomes.
This attack on our incomes comes at a time when streets are packed with so many vehicles than none of us can earn a living anymore. Congestion is a problem because the city refuses to regulate corporate bullies like Uber and Lyft and cap the number of vehicles they can dump onto our streets.
The real solution – the one that will require politicians to stand up to these Wall-Street-backed corporations – is to put a cap on the number of vehicles on city streets, not keep taking more money out of drivers’ pockets.

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