Emergency Demonstration to Stop Financial Crisis for Drivers

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28|  1:00pm |  Steps of City Hall
Last month, a veteran black car driver, Doug Schifter, shot himself in front of City Hall after facing financial ruin. Two livery drivers killed themselves in the previous months, one of whom, Danilo Castillo, wrote his suicide note on the back of a Taxi and Limousine Commission summons.
We must stop treating the devastation of people’s lives as inevitable. Our city has the power to act. And we demand that they act now by capping the number of vehicles on our streets and by making the regulated yellow and green cab fare the minimum fare for all for-hire vehicles.
We cannot allow Uber to continue to destroy lives for a business model that hasn’t even been proven sustainable. We must come together now and demand protections for ALL drivers and for rational regulations that level the playing field.

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