Say No to Trump & The NRA’s Outright Deception! #1FW

With the President engaged in outright public deception,  join us to make our demands for One Fair Wage, AND strong tip protections – requiring employers to pay the full minimum wage with tips on top. Monday, February 5 is the last day to submit public comments on the Department of Labor’s outrageous rule to make tips the property of owners – a rule that they hid evidence about.

Join us in actions on Monday as we deliver the 300,000 comments we’ve collected in person to Department of Labor offices across the country. Details below.

Together, let’s demand as workers, employers, and consumers that workers deserve both a full wage AND the right to keep their hard-earned tips!

Events for Monday February 5th

Washington DC

2:00 PM

Department of Labor

200 Constitution Ave NW

Washington D.C.




1:00 PM

601 Walnut St.

Philadelphia, PA



New York

12:00 PM

Department of Labor

26 Federal Plaza

New York, NY




10:00 AM

Blue Room

Capitol Building

Springfield, IL




1:00 PM

Downtown Seattle – contact us for details




2:00 PM

US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division 211

West Fort Street (entrance on Washington Boulevard)

Detroit, Michigan



The Bay Area

2:00 PM

US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Divison

71 Stevenson St.

San Francisco, CA


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