Victory for B&H Warehouse Workers!

unnamedAmazing news! After a long struggle against workplace abuse, retaliation, and union busting, the B&H workers have won their first union contract. On Saturday, December 12th, the B&H Photo Video warehouse workers at 420 9th Ave in Manhattan, along with the United Steel Workers, ratified their collective bargaining agreement. This contract brings important labor protections to fifty-five B&H workers, and a victory to everyone who worked on and supported this groundbreaking campaign.

La Lucha Sigue. In 2015, B&H warehouse workers came together with Laundry Workers Center to organize against unsafe and inhumane working conditions. The campaign not only brought together workers and community to fight, but fostered a new relationship between LWC and the United Steel Workers. As a united force of labor and community, the B&H workers withstood retaliation, union busting, and two runaway shops. Even as the workers stood to lose their jobs at two of the three warehouses, they did not stand down. As a community, we stood with them. This is how we win.

Protecting Workers’ Rights

The new contract enforces B&H workers’ safety, health, and dignity on the job:

  • Language to protect workers against discrimination
  • Grievance and arbitration protection against unjust disciplinary action or termination
  • Health & safety protections through the formation of worker safety committees and safety trainings that allow committees to be trained by whomever the workers choose
  • Bereavement time that no longer goes against PTO
  • Wage increases of 6% or up to $15/hour (whichever is greater) for the first year, and a 3.25% increase per year for the next two years

The B&H workers of the Navy Yard and Bushwick warehouses have also won severance for their displaced jobs and the opportunity to move with the company if they choose.

Union, Fuerza, Solidaridad! Congratulations to all the B&H workers. Together, we can overcome insurmountable odds.

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