Press Conference: Stand with Riaz Talukder

23668988_1774720289498975_8124125031003404818_o9 AM PRESS CONFERENCE – FEDERAL PLAZA

Immigrant communities, elected officials, community supporters and allies gather to oppose deportation of Bangladeshi immigrant, Riaz Talukder, who has been here for 37 years

Stand with Queens resident Riaz Talukder as he meets with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, who will decide whether he is held for deportation or free to return home to his family.

Mr. Talukder was brought to this country as a minor and has lived and worked here for more than 3 decades. He has two US born children, Radi, 11 and Rafi, 15. His wife suffers from thyroid cancer and is scheduled for surgery in December.

At his last appoint with ICE a month ago, he was told to return with his passport and a one-way ticket to Bangladesh. His attorney has since filed a motion to reopen his case.

On Oct 11, at least 11 Bangladeshi fathers from Queens were deported, leaving behind families without their emotional and financial support. That is just what we now about one nationality, in one county.

We come to Federal Plaza Monday to ask ICE to use its discretion not to take another father away from the wife and children who need him and to not break up another Queens family.

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