NYTWA Statement on Muslim Ban 2.0

Muslim Ban 2.0 is no less cruel, bigoted, or unconstitutional than the first one. Once again the administration is lashing out at immigrants and refugees who are simply seeking safety and a better life here in the United States. There is a reason this President signed the executive order in the dark, without his usual glitz and fanfare.

This ban will have the same impact as the first -scapegoating immigrants, Muslims, and people of color, and raising the tide of hate that is already threatening to overwhelm our nation.

At least three south Asian immigrants have been victims of hate crimes in the past two weeks, one murdered, all told to “go back to your country” during the attacks. According to the advocacy group South Asian Americans Leading Together, there were more than 200 incidents of hate crimes and xenophobia during the 2016 election alone. Hate crimes against South Asians have risen to post-9/11 levels and almost all of these crimes have been spurred by anti-Muslim sentiment.

This executive order will only make things worse.

As people of good conscience who refuse to punish refugees for the ravages of war and the poor for inequality, we say no to policies of hate. As a workforce that is universally immigrant, as union whose membership is largely Muslim and Sikh and already at grave risk of becoming victims of hate crimes, we will stand up for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. We will continue to resist attacks on our right to live and work safely and free from violence and hate, including by striking again as necessary.


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