Rally at Gov Cuomo’s office to Save Our Full Time Jobs

March9 NYTWA.jpg

Stand Up and Fight Against special law to let Uber, Lyft and other App-based companies dispatch jobs to private drivers with personal cars.

Stand Up to Stop $4 Airport Access Fee the Port Authority Wants to Charge All Taxis & FHVs on Every Drop-off and Every Pick-up!
The Governor controls the TNC bill and the Port Authority vote!

Uber/Lyft/etc. have flooded the streets and destroyed driver incomes – starving Uber/Lyft drivers so they can starve yellow/green drivers. Imagine if they could also dispatch to any private driver and operate in NYS as a Transportation Network Company – completely outside of taxi and FHV laws. TNC fares are as low as 70cents/mile. No driver in upstate will be able to survive, forcing drivers desperate to pay off high car leases to drive to NYC. In California, TNC drivers drive 2-3 hours to reach the state’s big taxi markets like San Francisco. We know Uber won’t respect the NYC borders because even now they dispatch illegally to Westchester, Nassau and NJ. NYC Uber drivers risk criminal tickets and low TNC fare rates in NJ while Uber rakes in the money. The drivers in those cities meanwhile earn less. No driver wins. TNC drivers in Detroit average $6.60/hour. Uber is only promising $350/month in Rochester (before gas, taxes and vehicles.)

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