NYTWA in Solidarity with Uber Drivers on Strike in Qatar and India

Over 700 Uber drivers on strike in Doha, Qatar reached out to NYTWA for solidarity after they saw the strength of our strike against the Muslim Ban and the #DeleteUber campaign that rose up in support of our strike.
The 19,000-member strong New York Taxi Workers Alliance stands in solidarity with you as more than 700 of you complete your fifth day on strike against Uber’s poverty pay in Qatar.  We salute your courage, your determination, your loyalty to each other, and your passion for a world that is just to workers.  We understand your strike is over Uber’s low wages and that this poverty for you brings the dire risks of deportation, as you risk losing your work visas when you cannot keep up with your car leases due to low pay.  
Your courage and fortitude, driver brothers and sisters, as migrant workers with no labor protections and little money striking against a Wall Street multi-national are beyond measure to us.  We heed your call for support and pledge our full solidarity as you demand that Uber Technologies respect your strike and end poverty pay now! 
In New Delhi, India thousands of Uber drivers are on strike over the same issues of rate cuts and Uber’s global monopoly tactic of flooding streets with vehicles making it harder for each driver to make a living. Our brothers in India mobilized after a fellow Uber driver committed suicide from the persistent poverty and pressure to make lease payments.  Uber’s only response has been to file an injunction against the drivers’ organizations for striking.  

While multi-nationals often explain away deplorable treatment by pointing out lack of labor law in countries like Qatar, the reality is, Uber does not respect labor law anywhere, whether in Doha, New Delhi or New York.
We know all too well the one-two Uber attack on driver pay over which you are striking – cuts to fare rates coupled with higher Uber commission – making it impossible for our families to keep up with basic cost of living like rent and medical expenses or to cover the costs of black car leases.
For Uber, low fares mean an edge over the competition.  For drivers, it means poverty and a race to the bottom economics with horrible suffering – from bankruptcy to possible deportation – where no worker wins. In New York, we know firsthand Uber’s continued disregard for immigrant workers:  Uber continues to dispatch illegal trips to drivers, putting them at risk of criminal arrest if ticketed which could result in delayed eligibility for naturalized citizenship or face lower ratings which lead to lower fares, fewer jobs, or firing.  Driver arrests due to Uber’s illegal dispatching could mean deportation for us, just as Uber’s poverty pay could mean deportation for you.
It would be hard for people to imagine the desperation of poverty felt by Uber drivers everywhere, made worse by Uber’s heartless disregard for our humanity as migrants and immigrants.  We stand with you, fellow drivers, brothers and sisters in this struggle.  And we pledge to you our full support.    
A Call for Action to our friends and allies:
Your action and labor solidarity forced Uber’s CEO to quit Trump’s advisory council. Take action now to stop Uber from hurting migrant workers in Qatar. Join us in calling on Uber to stop trying to break the strikes in Qatar and India and instead end poverty pay and sit down with strikers to negotiate now.
Tweet at Uber & its CEO Travis Kalanick. 
Here are some sample tweets you can cut and paste:
I stand with striking @Uber drivers in Qatar & India. @travisk: negotiate with striking drivers NOW.  #DeleteUber greed. cc: @NYTWA
Hey @Uber @travisk: STOP trying to break the strikes in Qatar & India. Negotiate with drivers NOW. #DeleteUber greed. #1U cc: @NYTWA
.@uber & @travisk: STOP hurting migrant workers in Qatar. Sit down with striking drivers and negotiate NOW. #DeleteUber greed. cc: @NYTWA


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