Freedom Cities: Taking Back NYC


On January 20, 2016 the NY Workers Center Federation (WCF) launched our Freedom Cities campaign! NYC workers and immigrants from diverse backgrounds and working sectors came together to show community power in NYC and DC to stand up against Trump’s racist, sexist, xenophobic promises.

We took over the street outside of Trump Tower and held a press conference and speak out while another delegation headed to DC. NYC workers and members of the WCF spoke out about the struggles they face every day from police harassment, unfair working conditions, unjust policies but above all the need to be united especially at this time. They redefined what safety and belonging means to them and what this should look like in our home, NYC.

In contrast to the imposed vision of safety as policing, borders, deportations, and incarceration, we envision safety as equal access to decent work (economic security), education, affordable housing, and healthcare. In reimagining safety and belonging, those who are oppressed for being people of color, immigrants, women, muslim, LGBTQ, workers, youth, having disabilities, and undocumented will build power from the bottom up to create a world of justice, liberation, dignity, and safety.


  1. Worker Rights
  2. Safety Beyond Policing
  3. Hate Free Zones
  4. Community Control
  5. Invest in Humanity
  6. Political Power

Through Freedom Cities we aim to fight back against the Trump administration by centering impacted communities so that they are visible and leading the movement to create safe communities where everyone can thrive. The idea of a Freedom City goes beyond a sanctuary city in which we seek protection for and defined by all: immigrants—documented or undocumented, people with criminal convictions, workers, gender nonconforming folks, the poor, and all people of color. We will not allow others to tell or to define for us the meaning of our safety and survival.

All the speakers were amazing! Check out the pictures, speakers and amazing poem written by Jack Harrop (video shows full poem) who is a current member of the Retail Action Project, member of the WCF.

…We’re here to fight for worker’s rights

But now we have a problem

Where Discrimination Is at it’s peak

Where black people is being shot by the Police

Honestly, It’s Hypocrisy

Like were back in 2001, A space Odyssey

Now some people may say

I’m being Stereotypical

Rapping up here for you

But Rap to me is Spiritual

Something like this should be Biblical

Embracing Your Talents and Beliefs

What makes this Hate Free Zone Complete

What makes america great

In Our Hearts, There’s Fate

Were Immigrants, Women and POC

We stand here to the best of our ability

That this is a Freedom City

So Stop This Inauguration

This is so Basic

It’s only gonna hurt the next generation

  -Poem Written by JACK HARROP

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