2016-2017 Delfino Leadership Institute Launch


On Saturday, September 24, Enlace, along with members of the New York Workers Center Federation (NYWCF), celebrated the commencement of the Delfino Leadership Institute (DLI). The cohort represents the second group to participate in the program after the Institute was launched in 2015.

Over forty essential workers from across the city representing a variety of industries, ranging from street vendors to domestic workers to day-laborers, retail workers and more, stood together and committed to learning and growing side by side over the course of the next year chanting, “Unity is Power! Unidad es poder!”

DLI consists of 4 trainings from September through April and concludes with a Teach-Back Graduation  where the cohort participants will become the trainers and will share the knowledge they’ve gained with other members of their organizations. Saturday’s session set the foundation for the institute and centered around the theme of gender justice. Future trainings will cover: organizing skills, political education, movement building, successful campaigning among other topics.

The Federation aims to develop the leadership and power of the workers justice movement, emphasizing the power of immigrant workers and workers of color . This year we’ve expanded and welcomed members from Retail Action Project, Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC-NY) and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

The institute commemorates the life of Delfino Velazaquez, a founding member of the NYWCF whose life was unjustly taken following company neglect on the construction site where he was working.

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