Women’s Uprising: Stories of Bangladeshi Resistance

13668666_1057317530970959_1549091441193677692_oWomen’s Uprising: Stories of Bangladeshi Resistance

❋ Premiering in New York City
August 26 & 27
Helen Mills Theater
137 W 26 ST.

❋ Doors open at 6:30PM
Show starts promptly at 7:00PM

❋ FREE & Open to the public!
RSVP Here: goo.gl/forms/CF9rL2N2DEjqccr13
More info: www.bangladeshihistory.com
Questions? bangladeshihistory@gmail.com

With stories collected from survivors and living ancestors of the Bangladeshi Liberation War, victims of Islamophobia and entrapment, this play takes us on a journey with young Bangladeshi women uncovering family histories that end up changing their lives. A political theatre based on the lives of Bangladeshi activists and communities throughout the diaspora, নারী বিদ্রোহ / Women’s Uprising: Stories of Bangladeshi Resistance puts a spotlight on the struggles and resilience of Bangladeshi people.

This play is a collaborative project of The Bangladeshi Historical Memory Project created by Bangladeshi women, artists, poets and musicians.

❋ Please RSVP to reserve your seats, seats are limited!
RSVP: goo.gl/forms/CF9rL2N2DEjqccr13

❋ Written, Directed & Produced by: Sharmin Hossain
❋ Music by: Saraswathi Jones, Michael Dwan Singh, Neel Agrawal & Gurpal Singh

All donations will go to Bangladeshi women led organizations:
Adhunika: www.adhunika.org
Andolan: http://www.aafederation.org/directory/search.asp?agencyid=64

More information at: www.bangladeshihistory.com

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