Workers’ Rising: Good Salaries









Workers Rising: Good Salaries

August 25th, 2016 |  7pm-9pm

Church of St Simon Stock, Gym | 2191 Valentine Ave, Bronx

In 2016, workers are rising! From unions strikes, to ICE protests, to Black Lives Matter marches, working people are demanding change. Now.

Join us at 7pm for a panel of worker leaders and organizers to share their stories on how they fought back against meager pay.

As LWC’s Titlanice Campaign continues positive negotiations with New Capitol Restaurant, we find ourselves thinking more about solutions and less about reactions. On August 25th, come together with workers and organizers across the city for a panel and discussion on how we are fighting for better pay, and why we deserve more!

Following the panel will be a workshop to explore and envision alternative solutions:

  • The $15/hr minimum wage
  • Worker-owned cooperatives
  • “Universal” minimum wage
  • Share your own ideas and solutions

We can’t wait for someone else to empower us; we must empower ourselves. We know best what our communities need, so let’s come together to envision our own solutions. Another world is possible.

The Workers Rising Forum is free and open to all. Snacks and refreshments provided.
Panelists TBA

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