Join the Federation at the MayDay March


The New York Workers Center Federation wants to invite you and your members to march with us on May 1st. For all worker groups, members or not, we want to follow the roots of this radical day and march as one. #unityispower #unidadespoder

We will be meeting at 2:45 pm @ Washington Square 
The Federation will participate in the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour, check out the facebook event and see you there!

 May Day is here! Join us for the 5th Annual Immigrant Workers Justice Tour!

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the historic “A Day Without Immigrants” marches, where nearly 1.5 million immigrants took to the streets of 50+ U.S cities to demand their rights.

This year, we’ll be holding up the struggles of over a dozen campaigns throughout NYC, with stops throughout downtown Manhattan. Join us at 3PM for a speak-out and rally, after the May 1st program at Union Square.

We demand an end to wage theft, exploitation, inhumane and unsafe working conditions, NYPD and ICE terror, and the deportation, detention and criminalization of immigrant communities. We refuse to live in a city bought and sold by the rich, where abusive employers exploit the labor of immigrant and working class people, unabated. We refuse to live in a system where private prisons profit off of the incarceration of millions of poor and immigrant people. We refuse to live in a city where NYPD thugs continue to abuse and kill our people with complete impunity. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the globe fighting injustice, from the Global South to Palestine.

This year, on International Workers Day, we stand hand-in-hand, and say, ¡Basta Ya!

El 1ro de Mayo es Nuestro Dia! 

La Federacion de Centros de Trabajo de Nueva York los quiere invitar a usted y sus miembros a marchar con nosotros el 1ro de Mayo. Para todos los grupos de trabajadores, miembros o no de la Federacion, queremos seguir las raíces de este día radical y marchar como uno. #unityispower #unidadespoder
Nos vamos a reunir a las 2:45 pm en Washington Square 


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