2015 Delfino Leadership Institute

We have reached a critical point in our organizing.  This is the time of great struggle, like the recent loss of one of our compañeros, Delfino Valasquez, who was killed doing construction work, by a contractor who did not take precautions for his workers safety.   Our health and safety are at risk, our salaries are being robbed, our immigration status is insecure, our family’s needs are great… but our dreams are even greater. That is why, this is also the time of great victories, like the Hot & Crusty campaign, where workers formed their own union and took back power.  It is the time for our leadership and our power.

People follow leaders because they are inspired by their presence and power. A strong leader, who understands his or her own power, can build trust quickly and inspire others to higher levels of collaboration and action.

The New York Workers Center Federation is a collaboration between Street Vendor Project, El Centro, NICE, Cidadao Global, Laundry Workers Center, DRUM, Enlace and other workers centers to building strong worker led movements. The Delfino Leadership Institute is a prestigious 1 year leadership program where five individuals are chosen as leaders of their organizations and work together to become leaders of our movements.

This is an intensive training in developing yourself as a leader.  You will learn the best qualities of organizing and base building, creating structures of new leaders, planning and leading campaigns, developing groups and management skills, facilitating trainings.  You will learn to value, motivate, and bring out the best in yourself and the people with whom you work with.


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